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Taming The Numbers Beast

Joanne gave me some specific recommendations and habits about bookkeeping that demystified the process for me. She is (strangely) passionate about bookkeeping and helps you tame the numbers beast.

Monique Caissie
Professional Training and Coaching

Monique Caissie

It is impossible to describe Joanne’s capabilities in a few words…..

Joanne and I have worked together for almost 11 years. When I started my business I knew I needed help in our general accounting area but also knew I didn’t need a full time person.

Joanne was highly recommended to me by the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. In retrospect, the excellent recommendation from the Chamber understated Joanne’s capabilities.  Joanne has demonstrated not only a thorough
understanding of multiple accounting disciplines(payroll,financial statements,bank reconciliations, accounts payable management,accounts receivable control, taxes, information technology utilization and other related skill sets) but also-and equally importantly-carries out her responsibilities with professionalism, poise, integrity,dependability,flexibility and a great sense of humor.

Our office “perks up” when Joanne and Maebelle are on site.”Team Maebelle” is an essential part of our organization.

Stanton T. Healy

Stanton T. Healy

Joanne is a super-hero to me and my small business!

I say this because book-keeping is not something that I could ever make a regular habit before. My business was suffering with end of the year stress before I began working with Joanne. Now, with JCK Bookkeeping on my side, I don’t worry about the accounting as I have a professional on my team! 🙂 Joanne is very easy to work with and has made my business life so much easier. Her helpful tips have saved me money and the peace of mind I have is invaluable to me. I would never go back to trying to do the bookkeeping myself. Thank you, Joanne, for all the years of wonderful and accurate bookkeeping you’ve done for my business!!

Candi Wolfe

Ericson-Wolfe Photography

Candi Wolfe